Luxury, timeless elegance, accomplished craftsmanship – simply put, excellence. VALEXTRA is all of this. 

When Giovanni Fontana decided to open his first shop in 1937, he intended to become the number one on the grand Priazza San Babila which is located in the very heart of Milan and is the cradle of Italian elegance. With his vision, he created something more than just a traditional shop dealing in leather accessories. He created a company predestined to create innovative artefacts from leather using precise saddlery techniques. Valextra soon became an internationally famed luxury brand which is synonymous with timeless style, inspiring trends and exquisite craftsmanship. Valextra is the true pinnacle of taste personified.

Valextra is luxury innate. The company has always been highly selective when choosing the leathers which it uses to create its products. The leather is selected specifically according to source and breeder. All Valextra products are made from lightly dyed leathers of the very highest quality which are extremely soft and pleasant to the touch. All individual wishes are fulfilled by Valextra: the craftsmen at Valextra are capable of creating any product to order. According to requirement and taste, the client can choose from copious amounts of leathers ranging from the supplest calfskin, right through to the highest quality, most exotic of leathers, which are available in a unique range of colours. The custom order service also allows for the product to be embellished with gold or platinum initials of the client.

A cosmetic bag and hat case from rhino skin for the opera singer Maria Callas, a handbag with clasps from rare stones for Queen Farah Pahlavi, an enormous golden clasp on a handbag intended as a gift for Grace Kelly, or a complete set of fourteen travel trunks and cases from elephant skin for the Emir of Kuwait.

In the case of Valextra, luxury is expressed in the details, a complicated creative process with the maximum of care taken. Exclusive, individually selected leather, the thread used for sewing, the metal embellishments. Every item is labelled by the craftsman with a personal code and the serial number of the product together with the date of manufacture. Every product can be embellished with client’s monogram subject to request. All fastening systems, clasps, grips and wheels are protected by international patents.


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